Razr Conference System TC-100M

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RAZR TC-100M Main controller

รหัสสินค้า:RAZR TC-100M Main controller


รุ่น:RAZR TC-100 Series


รายละเอียด:RAZR TC-100M Main controller

ราคา:25,000.00 บาท


Product Features

• Embedded high performance CPU, support camera tracking functi on

• High effect circuit ensure that anti-interface function

• With USB recording in WAV format

• With 4 chanels input, each chanel supports 30 units. Main contr oller has cascading function, maximum 5 system

can be connected. 600 units maximum

• With S-video and 5 pins connector, to connect simple camera or HD camera, including SONY EVI, EV I HD, PELCO p/D, BRC300 protocol

• Built-in 6 in 2 out camera device, maximum 6 simple camears c an be connected

• With RS-232 connect for centrak controller

• System can be set in main contr oller or via computer

• Meeting mode includes FIFO, LIFO, FREE, CHAIRMAN, AUTO, etc.

• TIme off, auto off and voice control can be set


Power supply : AC110V-220V/50Hz

Frequency response : 20Hz-20kHz

S/N ratio : >96dBA

TH.D. : <0.05%

Recording connector : USB

Input connector : DIN-8 x 4

Central controller connector : USBx1/RJ45x1

Audio input : RCAx2 6.3mm x1 (alarm device)

Audio output : RCAx2 6.3mm x1 XLR x1